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Enriched Learning At Every Level

ICS Students are Prepared for a Technological World


At ICS, we recognize the importance of technology in this ever-changing world. Our comprehensive curriculum is structured so that traditional learning is enhanced, not replaced, by the latest technologies.


Computer classes start in kindergarten and progress accordingly as the child advances. Our students quickly become proficient in Microsoft Office and multimedia presentations. An after-school technology club introduces students to Scratch, a popular animation programming software. Each classroom is equipped with interactive whiteboards that are used for lessons and multi-media presentations. iPads are available for use by our younger students.

Exploring Advanced Talents

A Great Education Made Even Greater


Qualifying students in Grades 5-8 may participate in an accelerated mathematics programs.  Students enrolled in this program, participate in the same course of study as designated by the Diocese of Metuchen, but at an accelerated rate in which content is explored in greater depth.  Units and lessons emphasize real world application, research, independent learning, and technology integration. 


Mathematics & Language Arts - A Combined Recipe for Success

Immaculate Conception School offers a rigorous and engaging academic program. Our dedicated teachers work hard to address the individual needs of each student.  The accelerated program provides classes at a pace that is commensurate for high achieving learners.  Qualified students attend the Novel Study or Mathematics class at the same time their classmates are participating in these classes. 


Program Entry & Admissions Process

The Accelerated Program adheres to all Diocesan Guidelines. Accelerated classes are small in size and enrollment is limited only to those who qualify. The small size of the class enables students to develop and learn at their own pace through technology integration, research, problem-based learning, and independent study. Students are expected to maintain an A average (93-100) in these accelerated class/es while in the program.  Because of the competitive nature of the program, a student’s conduct is also considered in order to gain entry and remain in the program. 

Middlesex County Educational Services 

Success for Every Student


The Middlesex County Educational Services Commission is funded by the State of New Jersey and provides on-site Chapter 192 and Chapter 193 programs to eligible Immaculate Conception students. These services include:

  • Evaluation and determination of eligibility

  • Compensatory education offered to students who score below state-established levels on standardized tests. Services include remediation in reading, writing, mathematics, and English as a Second Language

  • Supplementary instruction provided to classified students who have been evaluated by the child study team. Teachers from the Commission implement an Individual Service Plan developed by the child study team and approved by the parent or guardian in conjunction with the school administration. ISPs are reviewed annually, and a student is eligible for reevaluation no later than three years from the date of classification.

  • Speech/language services 

  • English as a Second Language


These services are pull-out programs in which the student is seen by the Commission teacher one or two times a week. Every attempt is made to coordinate with classroom teachers so as to minimize the interruption to classroom instruction.

Immaculate Conception School

Prekindergarten Program

Must be 4 Years Old by October 1 

Immaculate Conception School Prekindergarten Program is designed specifically for four-year-old's and offers children the time and space to learn, grow, explore, and imagine.  Because we believe that childhood should be a journey and not a race, we allow children to develop at their own pace. The PreK class takes place in a warm, safe, and caring environment in which the children develop a positive image of themselves as children of a loving God.  When teaching four-year-old students, we use a developmental approach to learning, focusing on the growth of the whole child. We not only consider the academic progress of the children, but their social, emotional and physical growth as well.  Children of this age respond best through actual experience. Therefore, we use a hands-on approach using learning centers as well as structured classroom time. Field trips and special guests enhance our program. Our goal is to prepare each child to enter kindergarten with a positive and enthusiastic outlook on learning.

Immaculate Conception School

Kindergarten Program

The role of a Kindergarten teacher at Immaculate Conception School is to challenge each student to achieve to their maximum potential.  This is accomplished as we identify the growth potential of each student and address their individual needs, qualities, and abilities.  We believe every student should be encouraged to cultivate creativity, foster curiosity, and develop his or her own learning style in an enriched learning environment.  ICS utilizes curriculum and enrichments that encourage higher level thinking skills, promotes responsibility and encourages student productivity focusing on pre-writing and emergent writing stages.  ICS also incorporates award winning children’s literature through author studies and guided reading, plans differentiated lessons to address various learning styles and level of readiness, and prepares students for standardized MAP testing.

Immaculate Conception School

1st and 2nd Grade

At Immaculate Conception, First and Second Grade classrooms are welcoming, interactive, and enthusiastic centers of learning. Students are engaged in their education from the minute they arrive each day. Students are actively involved in acquiring vocabulary, problem-solving, reading, and writing skills in all content areas. An important focus of these initial years is reading. Teachers help students acquire the essential skills using a balanced program including: reading aloud, shared, guided, and independent reading and opportunities to respond critically and thoughtfully to literature. Lessons are differentiated to account for all styles and levels of learning, and teachers work with parents regularly to ensure all learners’ needs and opportunities for growth are met. An important milestone for first graders is social interaction and an understanding of the mentor role. Students are paired with an 8th grade student, or “big buddy” and interact regularly in enriching and entertaining activities throughout the year. The first graders’ big buddies help them acclimate to their new environment at ICS and feel accepted and loved from day one!  Second grade is a special year of growth for the children! Second grade comes with many “firsts,” as it is the first time students learn to write in cursive! Our dedicated 2nd grade teachers also prepare the children for their First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion. Each student’s spiritual journey is supported and enriched by experienced faculty and staff.

Immaculate Conception School

3rd and 4th Grade


Third and Fourth Grade curriculum promotes independent learning to ensure success in middle school and beyond. This independence promotes self-esteem while fostering a love for learning. Our leveled reading series encompasses a program for spelling, vocabulary and comprehension. Students are challenged to work beyond their basic skills. Our third grade students are introduced to chromebooks and Google cloud based software (docs, slides,sheets) as well as integrated learning in every subject. Our religion curriculum follows Diocesan guidelines promoting faith-based learning. Fourth graders are offered instrumental band to broaden their talents and skills. 

Immaculate Conception School

5th and 6th Grade

In Fifth and Sixth Grade, ICS students develop their skills in STEM education, emotional and social intelligence, and their individual faith journeys. In Religion, students study the Sacraments and the Ten Commandments, while preparing for Confirmation the following year.  Language Arts (LA) focuses on various literary genres and domains throughout the year, such as realistic fiction, historical fiction, and a variety of science topics as well. LA encompasses essay writing, comparing and contrasting stories, reading and understanding poems, and the use of figurative language.  The science program covers topics from rocks and minerals, to oceans, to Newton’s laws.  With use of the interactive science lab, teachers create engaging STEM activities and other experiments to enhance curriculum. Mathematics focuses on in-depth application of fractions, multiplication, division, and geometry.  Concentration on the regions of the United States is the main topic in social studies. Technology is a strong component of an ICS education. Fifth and sixth grade students partake in the daily use of chromebooks, and participate regularly in Google based activities, including organizing their own Google drive, documents, and utilizing Google Classroom applications.

5th Grade Pictures 1.jpg

Immaculate Conception School

7th and 8th Grade


At Immaculate Conception School, Seventh and Eighth Grade academics, spiritual formation, and service oriented activities are carefully and thoughtfully designed to prepare students for their transition to high school and beyond. The curriculum follows the Diocesan guidelines and integrates the faith dimension throughout the day.  Seventh and eighth grade religious instruction includes sacramental preparation for Confirmation, Bible study, and Church history. There is a concentrated focus on self-reflection and morality throughout the Confirmation process. Additionally, seventh grade students participate in several service projects in preparation for Confirmation, instilling in them the importance of being a contributing member of society.  The Language Arts curriculum incorporates literature analysis, discussion, complex vocabulary, utilization of proper grammatical structure, and in-depth application of the writing process. The mathematics program offers Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, and Honors Geometry.  Science investigates Life, Earth, Environmental, and Physical Science topics (Chemistry & Physics).  Social studies comprises the study of American and World History, in addition to the development of geographical awareness. The Spanish program provides students with practice of verb conjugations, reading, writing, and conversational exercises.  Instructional practices incorporate differentiated instruction to address the learning needs of all students. Many opportunities throughout the school year develop students’ leadership skills as they act as effective role models for the entire student body, in particular their paired kindergarten or grade one buddy.

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