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Rooted in Catholic values, Immaculate Conception School integrates academic excellence with the spiritual and moral formation of each of its students, with the support of dedicated teachers and committed parents. This dedication results in an education that challenges each student to develop his or her full potential in an atmosphere where children care for and respect each other.

Established in 1957 and administered by the Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Immaculate Conception School has been educating and developing successful young men and women for over 60 years. We are located in historic Somerville, New Jersey and offer a full-day curriculum for grades prekindergarten through grade eight.


Dec 7

Bishops Holiday

Feast of the Immaculate Conception

Dec 8


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Nov 24

Thanksgiving Mass

Nov 25

Virtual Day

Tipping Pictures (Make Ups & 8th Grade) 

Dec 10

Virtual Day from 11/30-12/4

Nov 30


Dec 11

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Mrs. Seccamanie's Corner

November and December focus on identifying your own emotions. Grades Prek-3 can use the book In My Heart to describe and identify specific emotions.  Students can identify times/experiences when they felt specific emotions. A great practice is to work on filling in “I feel_________.” statements.


Grades 4-5 can practice by making a list of emotions that move beyond the basics that children often use. This will start conversations at home about each individual's response to life experiences is different. A fun art project is that each student can create their own emoji!

Check out this video on Social & Emotional Learning




Grade 7-8 The Mood Elevator ~ The Mood Elevator is a concept and awareness tool Senn Delaney uses to describe our moment-to-moment experience of life. It encompasses a wide range of feelings and together, these emotions play a major role in defining the quality of our lives as well as our effectiveness. "What do you do to manage the range of emotions you experience? What have you been doing lately to handle the new feelings you’ve faced? What’s your “go-to” strategy when you’ve been at your toughest points in the last couple weeks? Has what you’ve been doing been helpful? You may notice some of your strategies set you up for feeling better and being better able to deal with challenging feelings. When we eat and sleep well, move our bodies each day, have a strong social network in place, and have goals and meaningful work, we tend to be in a better place to manage annoyances, frustrations, and stressors in helpful ways. When we’re over hungry or full of junk food, over or under rested, getting too little physical activity, or lacking social connections or a sense of purpose, we tend to be more irritable and more likely to handle our emotions in unhelpful ways." - Marc Brackett Ph.D.  - -  Director, Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence

Check out the words on the Mood Elevator: How are you feeling right now?  Have you noticed that your moods change throughout the day? If so, what have you noticed?


Responsible Decision Making

We make decisions all day, every day, but often do not think how those choices affect ourselves and others.

In this time of remote learning and in person learning, make good choices.  Be responsible for your work, put time and effort into assignments, and ask questions.  Show your teachers, your parents, and yourself that you are mature enough to make this virtual learning a reality :)

VIDEO:  https://youtu.be/gdsCUExLE-Y


Digital Drama

As we embark on this highly digital journey, beware of digital drama. This goes hand in hand with the Responsible Decision Making Lesson posted above.

VIDEO: https://youtu.be/RydKEaiKolc

Covid Resource for Families

Jayson Negron, a Hope & Healing, Crisis Counselor at Catholic Charities is writing to reach out and inform you of a great resource for families, community providers, and essential workers who may have been impacted by COVID-19.  I am part of the NJ HOPE & Healing program as a Crisis Counselor through Catholic Charities Diocese of Metuchen along with the Diocese of Trenton.  They offer general information and referrals along with emotional support to anyone that might need assistance.  This is a free service and all the information provided is confidential (they do not ask for a personal name).  Their goal is to provide a “neighbor helping neighbor” approach where they address and talk about the reactions and impact of COVID-19 on the individual, family, and or the community. Additionally, they stress and highlight that you (the individuals) are not alone in this process, and link you to community resources that may be beneficial to you and or their family.  For example, such resources can be identifying available financial assistance or identifying free virtual programming in the community such as those provided by the Family Success Centers, libraries, and local community centers.


Below is a link to NJ Hope & Healing and our role in the community.  Should someone in the community feel the need to talk and acquire this service, Mr. Negron can be reached at (732) 646-4077 Monday through Friday from 9 – 4 pm.


 Link: https://www.state.nj.us/humanservices/news/press/2014/approved/20140220.html

Information at a Glance....

Make-up Date for Photographs

On Thursday 12/10, Tipping Photography will be coming to take our 8th grade graduate portraits and for make-up photographs.

Somerset County Public Library Digital Resources

Looking for literary resources for families during this time of Covid? Check out the offerings for children and adults with the Somerset County Public Library. 


We thank you so much for your support during with our Scrip program. With the restrictions of COVID in place, this program helps us now more than ever. Scrip orders are processed on Thursday mornings. It’s a WIN – WIN – WIN!  Scrip orders will resume on Thursday, December 10th. Thank you to all families who have supported our Scrip program. If you have any questions, please contact Cristina Baranauskas at cristinambara@icloud.com.

 For more information on SCRIP ordering, please click here.  The SCRIP gift card form can be accessed here. SCRIP Grocery information can be found here


Please consider naming Immaculate Conception School as the recipient of your Amazon Smile dollars.  At no cost to you, Amazon donates .5% of each purchase back to ICS.  Visit smile.amazon.com, log in as you normally would to Amazon, and select your charity: Immaculate Conception School, Somerville, NJ.  It is an easy way to support our school while doing your online shopping! 

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Our teachers are the foundation of all we do at ICS.  They are committed each and every day to helping students succeed in our classrooms and in life.

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